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wine refrigerator

We are able to bring you these quality wine refrigerators at such low prices because we carry no physical overhead, and because of the volume of business we do. This is the way business on the internet was meant to be, and is the best of all possible worlds.

We do much of our business with Haier America, the fastest growing sales and marketing division of the Haier Group- a 7 Billion dollar producer of quality home appliances and electronics. Haier has manufacturing facilities throughout the world that produce a wide range of innovative merchandise. Haier does business in over 100 countries around the globe.

The U.S. commitment made by Haier America includes a 30 Million dollar up and coming industrial park and Landmark building headquarters in New York City. Many of the products sold here are made here.

John Bottomley, (dba is one of the quickest growing online marketing company. With over 120 sites in a growing fleet of online venues, orders are processed and fullfilled in the most efficient manner possible. Customer service is always available, and satisfaction is guaranteed.


"I always cook with wine."
-Julia Childs
wine refrigerator
wine refrigerator


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